How to hang a boxing bag?

Rather than gym training, you can try boxing by lifting heavy bags at the home gym. These punching bags are not for everyone since they need an appropriate hanger. To prevent any accident, it is crucial to know what the bag weighs before trying to hang the punching bag. These punching bags come in weights … Read more

How Clean Boxing Gloves?

Keeping your boxing gloves clean will help prolong their life span and stop you from having smelly hands. When it comes to cleaning and maintaining boxing gloves, there are essentially three broad steps involved in the process: Firstly wash the exterior of the boxing glove with a damp cloth, next dry with a towel before … Read more

How to Clean Boxing Headgear?

If you have just splashed out on some expensive headgear, you will want to keep your headgear clean and hygienic. After sparring the headgear can become sweaty and bloody, so what is the best way to clean it? To clean your boxing headgear, gently wipe the headgear with a damp cloth to excess remove sweat. … Read more

Best Headgear For Muay Thai 2022

Muay Thai is a martial art that has gained popularity all over the world. Many people engage in this sport to improve their fitness, strength, and discipline. As with any other contact sport, it is important to take precautions to protect yourself from injury. One of the most important pieces of protection for Muay Thai … Read more

8 Best Boxing Gloves for Women 2022

In the present era, boxing has grown more popular with women, which forced producers to shake out gloves that cut to fit the unique female fist. As we know, In boxing competition and training all the power and pressure hold hands and wrists. So, it must be significant to have a pair of best boxing … Read more