Best Boxing Headgear 2020 – Best Headgear for sparring

The significant role of best boxing headgear is protection. It does not matter how well experts you are in boxing. But your opponents may have the strong skill to land powerful punches. Mostly damage your face or head. Which can be a cause of severe injuries. Thus, to prevent cuts and wounds significant for you to pick the best boxing headgear.

This should be very comfortable and have a good strength of absorption. Also have excellent visibility, handmade, and adjustable to save yourself from opponent’s punches during the most competitive game.

However, we offer a complete guide on how to buy the best boxing headgear in detail. We also advise you to try something new because most of the boxing gyms or clubs have a typical head guard. In short, we suggest you some top best headgear which can use for sparring and high competition game.

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Winning FG-2900

Best Boxing Headgear

  • Premium Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Fullface protecter



Hayabusa T3

Best Boxing Headgear

  • MMA Headgear
  • Best Quality
  • Breathable



Venum Elite

Best Boxing Headgear

  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Open face
  • Afforadable Price


Best Boxing Headgear

HeadgearRatingCheck Price
Winning FG-2900 Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
RDX Headguard for Boxing⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Everlast Everfresh Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Venum Elite Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
RingSide Competition Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Hayabusa T3 Boxing Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Cleto Reyes Traditional Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Tilte Gel World Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Rival Boxing D3o Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1. Winning Headgear FG-2900 – Easy to Clean

This is a Japanese company famous for its high standard of quality headgear. Winning FG-2900 headgear has excellent visibility, lightweight and more comfortable absorption resistance to high comparing with other brands.

Moreover, This headgear is artificial leather making lighter and more convenient to clean. Yes, Price is a little bit high. But if you want the best, you must pay.

Best Boxing Headgear

Construction & Design

Artificial Leather also famous as Synthetic leather, making it easier and more comfortable to clean. The leather isn’t as hot as real leather. However, it is more convenient.


Lightweight: The FG2900 is soft and suitable, super lightweight cheek protectors protect well and don’t compromise on protection. Padding is excellent and does a great job of absorbing shock, so you will have fewer headaches after sparring.

Visibility: Cheek guards provide excellent visibility and doing a great job of protection. You can quickly respond to the opponent’s punches.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable & Reliable
  • Excellent Visibility
  • Easy to Clean
  • High Price


2. RDX Headguard – Removable Face Grill

This headgear is a full face-saver headgear. Therefore,  Those people whom one’s wanted full protection of the head and face during training. This one best for them. It’s excellent in taking punches, strapped on tightly you can take a powerful hit having any issue.

Surely absorb able and can be smoothly put on and off. Shell shock gel lining is important material use in this product to increase the ability to absorb impact.

RDX Headgear

Construction & Design

Maya Hide Leather:  This is high-class PU leather. Maya Hide leather is very comfortable and reliable. Thus, The headgear more suitable to put on and off and also comparatively soft and pretty durable. It protects more your head and face. It reduces the quantity of wetness.

ShellShock Gel: Headgear stuff is tri-slabs give maximum shock protection. However, best for making headgear lightweight. It secures, and an added stuffing in the central part and offers healthy impact digestion. In fact, The sweat-wicking insulation strategy ensures that the head and face remains dry and smooth.


Removable Face Grill: The grill made of a high standard lightweight polymer, which makes sure no punch can go through. It provides protection against cuts and injuries. However, assure the visibility you can see the opponent strikes. Hence, it built confidence in during the sparring or training.

Quick EZ Hook & Loop Strip: It makes sure the protection and flexibility. However, very rear chances of moving. With the help of the attached elastic band, it provides stability to secure your head. Thus, It simple to use and verify the shape of the guard to your head.

Compressed Eva-Lution: In fact, The sheet has high standard strength and ability to provide resistance against strikes. It retains powerful stress without cracking or damaging. However, the ear also more protected and secure. It is entirely produced for long and tough sparring or training sessions.

Visibility: RDX headgear is more comfortable and provides high visibility with excellent protection.Moreover, The Face shield makes sure more visibility. As a result, You can quickly see kicks coming, and any strike originated from your opponent.

  • Maya Hida Leather
  • Removable Face Grill
  • Affordable Price
  • Maximize Visibility
  • May Be Little Bit Tight


3. Everlast Headgear – Everfresh

The Everlast  Everfresh designed an open face headgear style. Synthetic leather used in the construction process. The leather has the best absorption ability. Moreover, Antimicrobic medication prevents offensive smells and makes sure your headgear remains fresh.

It is very adjustable and comfortable you can tight and fit nicely. Good padding for all-around. Chinstrap is good-looking and durable. But the only top of the head is empty. Best headgear for beginners. However, it can use in most competitive events.

Everlast Headgear

Construction & Design

Synthetic leather uses the outside of this headgear. A unique fabric uses on the inner side of this headgear. However, A Single-layer of thick foam padding makes sure comfortability. Also, secure from the opponent punches or strikes.


Cheek Guard: Unlike Everfresh, An open face style headgear. But the cheek protectors giving batter protection against opponent’s strikes. Thus, You can stay confident and respond quickly.

Chin Strap: The uniqueness of this headgear is Chin Strap. Moreover, The strap consists of a single Velcro for tightening. You can tight and fit, which is what you want and to secure your head.

Top of Headgear: The headgear has no padding on the top. Unlike, But synthetic leather pieces cover the top in a cross shape.

Back of the Headgear: Adjustable straps are on the back of the headgear to cover the back of the head. An extra layer of hard padding consists of the same thickness. However, That is cover all around the headgear to prevent strikes and shots.

Visibility: Everlast improves the visibility problem makes cheek protectors slight bulkier. To ensure decent visibility, mainly when dealing with uppercuts. You feel much comfortable vision and protection.

  • Adjustable
  • Affordable price
  • Light & Thick Padding
  • Maximize Visibility
  • Only One Color


4.Venum Elite Headgear – Handmade Headgear

Venum Elite products always consist in the list of best headgear for boxing . It built by hand made in Thailand with leather. However, Elite fighters deserve durable protection and the latest technical advances to perform.

Moreover, affordable price is the best solution for those people who are still searching for the standard quality headgear. This head guard also makes a value in terms of padding and offers full head protection on your chin, cheek, and forehead.

Best Boxing Headgear

Construction & Design

Skintex leather used to make the outer layer of the headgear. Therefore, It is not pure leather. But one of the best alternative of real leather. At least, the overall quality is just amazing.

You’ll attract by the classy design and the handmade finish. It is durable, comfortable, and has powerful resistance. You’ll remain safe and confident against opponent strikes.


Triple Density Foam: The foam is used in the core layer to control and absorbs powerful shots and also increase reliability and durability. Therefore,  It is especially great for face and head. You feel very soft and smoothy.

Ultra-lightweight improves the faster head movement. You can easily and quickly move your head and make it very responsive to your opponent.

Ear protection: This headgear also gives you the right amount of protection around the ears. Unlike, For those situations when a shot misses your face close(ly). 1.5-inch padding doing the job as ear guard.

Visibility: Open face design makes it more visible. You can view at 180 degrees to your opponent. Moreover, you can see strikes coming over the collar quickly. It also makes them more breathable. For this reason, it looks cool.

  • Open face Headgear
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Quick Head Moving
  • More Visible
  • Available in Only Single Size


5.Ringside Headgear – Like Boxing Headgear with Cheeks

A multi-adjustable helmet that doesn’t damage head and face. The headgear fits snugly and opens in the back. However,  The top of the gear has strings for ease of adjustment to any special one. Even weird shaped. You like the cheek strength as nothing can stop a good sparring match then a random first to the face.

The point to notable it is not approved for professional boxing competition. Therefore, The best one for a friendly game or training session.

Ringside Headgear

Construction & Design

Long-Lasting Leather: The ringside headgear made of durable and long-lasting leather. Also, Having a high quality covered foam system that scatters stress. Thus, you can concentrate securely on the game.

It has padded and has laces at the top. That is adjustable by tying them. The Velcro’s at the back of this product makes a more secure and fit.


Cheek Protection: This head guard is complete with a sleek shaped design and rounded cheek guard.  To protect the head and face better. However, The Ringside has a layered foam structure, with leather surfaces, and silky smooth suede padding. That keeps the look fresh as well as fast drying.

Chin Strap: The buckle chin strap is adjustable. However, You can quickly deal with the buckle to tight and fit the helmet easily. Therefore, one thing is the chin is exposed. Although it accommodates by covering up more and trying to protect it.

Visibility: A little bit extra padding makes this headgear more visible. Those people who want to maximize visibility better choice for them.

  • Durable Leather
  • Extra Cheek Protection
  • Buckle Chin Strap
  • Good Price
  • Only For Training Session


6.Hayabusa T3 – MMA Headgear

T3 has one of the most attractive designs. Padding is very deep and hard, especially on the forehead. However, This is best for protection. Because of one size product, maybe it is not very easy to put on and off. While, When it’s on, it’s comfortable, although its vision ends a little higher than other high-quality headgear.

Moreover, This item gives all-round protection except for a slightly more significant gap around the nasal area. Making this the best MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai headgears. Therefore, Many head guards have not under the chin, and chin protection like this does. Use some extra dollars to protect your most valuable asset.

Best Boxing Headgear

Construction & Design

Pure Grain leather: The outside layer has constructed from pure leather. Moreover, High-quality stitching for ultra-durability. Therefore, The main benefit that leather has compared to synthetic is that it’s resistant to cut, and breaking. But what most pro boxers love about it is that its feel manages to get better and better with time.


T-Cross Strap:  The t-Cross strap secure un-necessary moving and make sure customized fit. Moreover, It ensures that to must add in your boxing equipment list.  Thus, In the highest competitive game or training session, it provides stability.

Fit and Feel: An easy, secure fit that stays in place no matter how tough your training. Moreover, It is more flexible and lightweight with an open top and inner lining that helps you stay cool. Under the most difficult conditions.

Strike after Strike: T3 gear made to serve. However, The care to detail and craftsmanship provides headgear as reliable and flexible as the athletes who use it. Nature of the art appliances that lets you strike harder train longer and do better.

Visibility: The open area of vision does not block the view as much as other full protection headgear.

  • Full Grain Leather
  • Better visibility
  • Flexible & Breathable
  • Experts Choice
  • One Size Product


7.Cleto Reyes traditional headgear – Pointed Nylon Face Bar

It’s a solid item and a fantastic value. A product worth every single penny. However, A unique product because it has a nose bar. Thus, it does not affect your nose at all when used. Nose guard face-saver usually is not like because it reduces visibility. Therefore, it’s not that serious at all.

You can apply to adjust while fighting on defense.Moreover,  infrequent times a straight lands, you’ll be happy you got this guard. Thus, Cleto Reyes Traditional best and highest recommended headgear for nose bar.

Cleto Reyes Headgear

Construction & Design

Genuine Leather: Cleto Reyes uses pure leather during construction on the exterior and interior sides. Unlike most of the other brands, use synthetic leather on the inner side to save some money. However, they generate much heat, and this may not be very pleasant. Mainly you sweat a lot.

On the other hand, a leather lining is breathable—no need to take off and wipe the sweat off. Moreover, The unique thing is that headgear panels have thick stitching.


Nylon Face bar: The Cleto Reyes presents a lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and secure nylon face bar. Moreover, Without losing excellent protection. Therefore, Traditional Headgear has a non-obstructive design, and this highly recommended for a highly competitive game.

Hook and Loop closure: The top and rear hook and loop closure make the product adjustable. However, It has bordered on the top and an adjustable chin strap to fit and tight.

Visibility: The visibility is more than quite. This product ensures that to keep your eyes on the right places at all times. Unlike, You remain the focus on your opponent’s. However, Better visibility compares with cheek protector headgear.

Padding: Very thick padding covers cheek and forehead. Therefore, It built the confidence to face your opponent’s or trainer confidently. Nylon face bar fits nicely on the nose. Thus, This model is unique from other head reviews.

  • Heavy Padding
  • Multi Color
  • Flexible & Breathable
  • Adjustable Hook &loop Closure
  • Excellent vision
  • May be High Price


8.Title – Gel Headgear

The title headgear constructed to cover the full face. Therefore, You can confidently stand in front of your opponents. However, This product has multi-layered and gel lining sleek design foam. To make the product reliable and comfortable. Moreover,  Cheeks padded fully covered the cheek and ensure resistance.

Unlike, Even from the powerful strikes come from opponents. Therefore, pure leather covers all around, and also thick padding protects the ears. However, Ultra-comfortable entry design makes them put on and off easily compare with another headgear brand. Moreover,  On the top elastic band, make perfect for custom adjustments.

Title Headgear

Construction & Design

Lining Gel & Multi ways Adjustability

Excellent gel lining ensures the absorption of punches and strikes comes from the opponents or trainers. However, Ultra-thick padding with gel lining increases reliability and comfortability. Overall it makes your head feel relaxed and fresh.

Moreover,  It has the multi-option of adjustability for a custom and non-slip for all athletes. Therefore, You can adjust the headgear on top of the head.

Because of an elastic band is used for adjustability. In the back of the head, the strap used to fit and tight the headgear where you can feel comfortable.

However, Under the chin, the fully padded fixed band used to fit your head and ensure that you can quickly move your head. Also, ensure that to keep the focus on your opponents.


The title headgear is full of zero contact with a full face mask. However, It is good looking and a full face view, not obstructing vision. Moreover, In case you are a beginner. You’ll have to use it and get experience to know how much visibility you like.

  • Gel Lining
  • Multi Option of Adjustability
  • Wide View
  • Using Leather
  • May be High Price


9. Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear- Alternate of Venum Elite

Your head is the most targeting place during sparring. This headgear is a very suitable and excellent helmet for competition and secures from injuries. Great protection, especially protects your essential assets like ear, nose, eye, and also best for head protection. It does not slip as much.

However, skintex leather has used to build it, and the inner side seems smooth and comfortable. Therefore, leather makes it ultra-lightweight. The design and colors are pretty cool and awesome.Such a reasonable price is demanding for this high quality headgear.

Venum Challenger Headgear

Construction & Design

The Venum Elite products are handmade built in Thailand. However, it ensures the high standard of protection during sparring for elite fighters. However, it makes the headgear ultra-lightweight and more protected. It improves the head movement and also visibility.

Moreover, three times thick foam padding makes them more protected and shock absorb able. High standard design covers the full face and all around the head to save the most critical part of the head like temples, chin, and cheek.

Two-way Velcro strap makes the headgear more flexible and adjustable. Therefore, the product says it all. You can keep your energy in the game and stay confidently.

Thus those people who have love and passion for boxing and searching excellent quality headgear. This is the best choice for them.


Top of Headgear The open design at the top of the headgear ensures to absorb sweat and maintain the humidity. Sweat does not drop into your eyes. However, You feel very comfortable and do not make irritating.  Moreover, your head feels like a burden-free. Thus, you can move your head quickly and easily.

Velcro Strap This Headgear is very adjustable. However, You can adjust them horizontally and vertically in both styles. Moreover, the Velcro strap ensures adjustability to fit in the back.

Visibility This headgear builds in full-face style. However, it provides a 180-degree vision limit. Because of the wide view, your visibility improves very well you can see the opponent activities. Therefore, you can protect yourself and give a strong response to your opponent.

  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Triple Density Foam
  • Flexible
  • Affordable Price
  • Available in one size


10.Rival Boxing RHG10 – Intelli-Shock d3o Headgear

The Rival Intelli-Shock Pro is a uniquely invented headgear. Although, the padding is used in the most important places to secure the most sensitive parts. Also, the inner side carpeted with leather which enables to digest the heavy sweats and allow them to absorb the punches.

Further, the alloy clamps are used as a chin band to ensure that it has a strong grip and enhanced visibility offers enough protection. Moreover, the Microfiber paneling leather with the latest d3o invention located on the face and all around the head. Essential rear end filling to a precise fit for each session.

Rival d3o Headgear

Construction & Design

D3o Rival headgear invented after a long time experiment and negotiation with professional boxers. However, the headgear utilizes different possess and exclusive methods to produce more conscious, delicate, durable substances with more impact digestion. These properties desire every professional and make the headgear more protective.

As well as, the head guard established within a natural style, the substance particles move easily and smoothly and enabling it to light and manageable. However, toward shock, secure collectively to diffuse shock power and minimize the carried energy.


D3o: The d3o is a unique feature of this headgear. However, the Intelligent Shock digestion is a secured shock-absorbing matter. It is formed including intelligent particles. As well as, on moderate steam, the particles’ inner d3o float loosely inventing it smooth and reliable.

While on maximum steam the particles clasp collectively to fit an outstanding shock protector. Moreover, the d3o present appreciable security compared with traditional spume, delivering it excellent to improve the inner stability in gear and supplies.

  • Back & Top Adjustment
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Chin Strap Buckle
  • D3o Technology
  • Offers Medium Padding on Forehead & Cheeks


Types of Boxing Headgear

Open face Headgear

This type of headgear Commonly used rather than other kinds of headgears. However, it provides low protection because of the vast area of the face is open. Therefore, in terms of visibility, it is a great product.

Mexican Style Headgear

Almost the same as the design of the open-face headgear. However, the main difference between open face and this is that it has cheek guard, although the nose is still left open.

Full face Headgear

If you want to protect your all-important asset than you can choose full-face headgear. However,  a common problem is that it obstructs visibility.

How to Choose Best Boxing Headgear


How to choose best boxing headgear?

Q: How to choose and buy the best boxing headgear?

It should be noted that the possibilities when you are choosing and buying the boxing headgear to make it easier.

Fit and Comfort

Most important, when you are selecting a headgear. However,  Choose the right one size, which for your head to have a high level of protection.

Without any doubt, very possible, you do not get the right size that fits your head shape. However, there are two primary ideas or rules that you need to keep in mind. When you buy the best type of boxing gear.

First, check there loose straps and loop closures, which will enable you to fit and tight manually. On the other hand, it should not be so free to make the whole headgear movable when you are fighting in the ring.

The inner side of the helmet is another most critical part of the headgear. Because it becomes irritating for most people. It is a subject of choice, as someone objected to soften insides, while others feel that furry linings hide dirt, especially in stock, and used helmets.


The most important and common material used to maintain your comfort. However, It should also hold sweat, which will obstruct bacterial growth and smell. All about a headgear secure you from possible wounds and cuts.

Moreover, there are few factors, on which the amount of padding depends. Including the intended use of the helmet like competition or sparring and also some brand, which is Muay Thai or boxing.

Competition headgear consists of thick padding in favor of lightweight head proctors. That enables you to move your head quickly and softly while facing the punches.

Therefore, models are designed for sparring, are thickly padded to protect you from wounds when sparring.

Moreover, We strongly suggested you have both of these headgears, one for hard training and another for live games.

Visibility and Coverage

The more protective headgear is suitable to give more visibility. However, Some Boxing association an age-old saying that the invisible stroke that knocks you out. Using this, you have the choice to find excellent between protection and visibility.

The most important element is that the headgear should be protective, and provide protection including chin, cheeks, forehead, and back of the head. The particular type of headgear will provide different types of protection.

For example, full-face headgear covers the whole head while the open-face designs leave a portion of your face uncovered. More coverage in headgear appears as a trade-off on visibility.


Q: How do I get the right size for my headgear?

Headgear size depends on your proper hat size. Therefore, some fighters use more wide helmets as compare to heavyweight boxers. To define your fitted hat size, measure the outline of your head nearly one inch above your ears.

However, we recommended that the snug fit must verify their size using Flex-Panel Technology headgear. At this time, when you have their measurement, you have to read the product specification and check the size that meets your requirements.

You can get help from the given chart that are the recommended size of different brands.

Everlast Headgear -up to 21.5" 21.5 " - 22.25 "22.25 " - 23 "23 " - up
Title Headgear Up to 20.75 "20.75 " – 21.50 "21.50 " – 22.25 " 22.25 " – 23 " 23 " – up
Rivla Headgear - 20.875 " - 21.625 "22 " – 22.75"23.25 " – 24 "24.375 " – 25.25 "


Q: Which is the best type of padding for a boxing headgear?

Padding is the most common material used in the headgear. But this matter relays on personal choice and also affordability. However, gel padding can maintain its shape even you face regular punches, Unlike, after some moment, foam that decompresses and losses its form.

However, we should know that, what the role of padding? As well as, the padding plays an important role in protection perspective. There are various varieties of headgears that contains different layers of padding. Moreover, some athletes liked thick padding, and others consider it annoying. Thus, it depends on personal choice

Q: What type of enclosure system should I go with?

Different headgear brands design different closing systems like buckles or Velcro strap.

However, Velcro present standard adjustability and consist on the circumstances. You can undo in a split moment. In fact, the main drawback is that it does stretch and lose its hold during competitive fights.

Due to,  this causes the headgear moves around uncomfortably and it possibles to block your vision. On the other hand,  The buckles headgear does not move and the helmet remains intact during fights.

Q: Can I train in competition headgear?

Yes, you could. However, competition boxing gloves, headgears are built for quick movement, because they have less padding. Therefore, it indicates that they give minimum protection against cuts and injuries.

You don’t be panic the stuff used in competition gears more reliable and durable. Its meaning could be better to spar or train.

However, maybe a good idea to get into the ring with open-face competition headgear that is very beneficial for you. It should be noted that it’s your own decision that will be better for you.


In short, we suggest you best boxing headgear that mention above. Are you having passion and love for boxing? Than must choose these headgear that have mentioned in the list. Because of these gears are best in quality, visibility, comfort ability, reliability, performance and security. They are available in affordable price. The value of the helmet is penny compare to your protection.