Best Boxing Headgear for Nose Protection 2020 – Full Face Headgear

Boxing is a challenging game. You can’t get out of the ring without wearing something to protect yourself. However, the nose is a sensitive piece of your face most significant to protect well during fight. Because of this, you want to use the best boxing headgear for nose protection that has a durable face bar. Also, it does not affect the vision and fit comfortably.

Therefore, we suggest you some top best boxing headgear for full face protection, including the top and back of the head. Also, describe how to analyze a boxing headgear when buying.

boxing headgear for nose protection


premium choice

Winning FG-5000

Best headgear for nose protection

  • Premium Quality
  • Excellent Visibility
  • Lightweight



Rinside Cleto Reyes

Best headgear for nose protection

  • Best Choice
  • Excellent Protection
  • Hand Crafted



RDX Leather Headgear

Best Headgear for nose protection

  • Looking Nice
  • Affordable
  • Solid Leather


Best Boxing Headgear for Nose Protection

Product Name Rating Check Price
Winning FG-5000 Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
RDX Leather Headguard⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Ringside Cleto Reyes Headgear II⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Title Classic Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Fighting Sports Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Venum Elite Iron Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Ringside Deluxe Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Rival Guerrero Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Ringside Master's Competition Headgear⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price


1.Winning FG-5000 – Premium Quality

The Winning FG-5000 is premium quality headgear. However, It includes each and everything a boxer need in a helmet. Therefore, excellent protection, and extremely lightweight, you seem no sturdiness while you put on. It provides impressive visibility because of the too wide face gap.

Further, the quality of padding is remarkable to improve the resistance against the shots. The Durable chin strap used for adjust-ability you can tight the headgear as what you want. The chin strap does not choke you while wearing the helmet. The Durable chin strap used for adjust-ability you can tight the headgear as what you want.

The chin strap does not choke you while wearing the helmet. In short, it recommends as the best boxing headgear for nose protection for professional and also for beginners. If you have a passion for training, then the price is a penny.

Best boxing headgear for nose protection

Features & Design

It formed from the durable artificial leather that makes it super lightweight. However, the leather does not absorb the sweat but can be clean easily. Thus, you can quickly wash it after use. The design of the head guard is universal, like other nose protection headgear. But the no compromise on the quality.


The winning provides more peripheral vision than other headgears. However, the nose bar does not make an obstacle in vision limit.

  • Amazing Padding
  • Comfortable & Reliable
  • Excellent Visibility
  • Leightweight at 20oz
  • May be High Price


2.Cleto Reyes Headgear- Ringside Protector

The Cleto Reyes headgear – II another high-quality nose protector headgear. However, it is a hand crafted item build with reliable cowhide leather in Mexico. It combines a top band and pair of long Velcro straps on the rear of the headgear. However, Velcro specialty ensures to make Cleto Reyes a unique headgear.

The typical issue of this type of headgear is no ear obstacle. Moreover, the filling covers the edge regarding the ear excellent. The rolled front bar ensures to secure your nose. Therefore, many light and reliable bubbles coat a comfortable and also excellent fit.
Best boxing headgear for nose protection

Features & Design

The Cleto Reyes construct in Mexican style with dense 1.3mm durable leather. However, a molded face grill 2.25-2.75 inches gives full protection to the mouth and nose. The unique advantage is that single size fits all but the under strap makes it adjustable.

Ease of Use

The Ringside head guard II very helpful and smart to get on and off. Also, for maximum coverage it assures to protect cheeks and all around the head.


This helmet designed for professional and amateur athletes. However, it allows maximum visibility because it designs in a unique style that you can see your opponent’s activities.

  • Completly Protective
  • Molded Padding
  • Hook & Loop Strap
  • Handmade Product
  • Available in Single Size


3. RDX – Leather Head guard with Face Bar

RDX regularly provides excellent products that are extremely well defined and have good quality. This head guard engineered in full-face style to protect the nose. Because the nose is the delicate part of the face, however it gives a face bar that covers your face and provides protection all around your head.

Moreover, your head remains stable, comfortable, and ever-fresh while wearing them. However, the cheek padded style offers more protection to the ear. Thus, it provides you more confidence in the boxing ring.

best boxing headgear for nose protection

Features & Design

This fighting guard is designed to preserve the hits and cut with a face bar. However, it uses the leather all around to ensure protection for the head, nose, cheeks, and eyes. Moreover, unique gel padding used for absorption with exclusive G-Core technology.

However, the reliable locking method comes in this sparring headgear to ensure the stability and for rest of mind during the game. It happens to gives more protection with plenty of padding. Therefore, Open top style and ear holes cover the path for air to ensure that your skin remains dry. It highly recommended for amateur and advance boxers.

Maya Hide Leather

On the outer side of the Headgear covered by durable leather to provide lightweight, comfort, protection, and handle for every game. However, Maya Hide Leather ensures that it is easy to put on and off. Moreover, when you put on, and then feel smooth and comfortable. It is the standard material and makes sure a long time of durability.

Shell Shock Padding

The dense shell shock gel padding used in the manufacturing process to absorb the shocks. However, extremely thick padding ensures the total amount of power to be managed for advanced support.

G-Core Technology

G-Core tech padding covers forehead and cheeks to provide a massive amount of protection. However, this technology passes the ultimate impact protection. The shock guard tech makes it more powerful, and enables you to stand with full confidence.

Face bar

It allows a face protector that provides you excellent protection for the nose, cheeks, and also eyes. Moreover, the face bar builds a confident you stand against cuts and injuries. However, the face protector makes sure resistance against the opponent strike and ensures that your vision doesn’t distract.

R_Lock – Locking System

R-lock Closure method provided an adjustable Quick EZ Hook and Loop Chin Strap and protected fit to ensures the reducing risks of slipping. However, the helmet fits well and absorbs all incoming shots.


The visibility does not change after putting on the headgear. Moreover, face bar padding is breathable and helps to see strikes coming from underneath.

  • Leather Construction
  • Pro Level Protection
  • Adjustable Locking System
  • Unique Technology
  • Visibly Bigger


4.Title Classic Headgear – PVC Plastic Face Bar

Title Classic is the best choice for professional boxers. However, those who participate in highly competitive games and still searching for best boxing headgear to protect their essential parts like nose, cheeks, and mouth highly recommended for them. Durable PVC plastic used to construct molded face grill covers all around and remain secure from shots.

Moreover, Durable leather used in the inner side that ensures durability and makes it comfortable. Therefore, an outstanding headgear that provides the most significant protection and excellent visibility.

Title Classic

Features & Design

The headgear designed in the full-face style, and the PVC plastic is used to construct the face bar. Moreover, one size headgear fits all. But you can adjust the size top of the head, back of the neck, and under the chin where to adjust.

Face Bar

The thick padded face protection is doing an excellent job of protecting you from opponent punches. Therefore, the plastic face bar can be the mold for your face.

Comfortable & Lightweight

The inside liner makes it very smooth and comfortable. However, it ensures the quick adjustability you can fix it during high competition game. The helmet is super lightweight and does not feel burden when you put on.


The design of the headgear has no cage near the eyes. Therefore, any obstacle does not bring in vision limit. Moreover, You can see easily under the chin, and punches come on the top, and also left, right.

  • Molded Face grill
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Smooth Inside Liner
  • Excellent Adjust-ability
  • Available in Single Size


5.Ringside Headgear – Deluxe Face Saver

The Ringside has the most fabulous design that completely protective and ensures close touch with the face. Moreover, the inner side constructed extremely comfortable, and moisture-wicking cruiser holds the skin dry. The Deluxe headgear is thoroughly precise you can see all around immediately and efficiently. However, it is obstructing shots that arrive at the nose.

It does not coat the jaw area, so it becomes more visible even you can see the uppercuts. Moreover, face protection is breathable no need to take off the helmet.

Ringside Deluxe 2020

Features & Design

The ring side have the same design as other face-saver headgear. However, it has a typically face protector that covers the front of mouth and nose. Also, the dense padding is added at the forehead to preserve the shocks, and you feel less headache.

Although, the solid leather used to construct the headgear. But the interior side is more smoothly and has strong grip. Thus, you do not have any problem while facing the opponent’s punches. Further, it offers an adjustable strap that allows you to fix it.

Moisture Wicking Liner

The inside surface is very soft and absorb-able. However, the moisture-wicking plane used to digest wetness. Also, ensure that your head and face remain dry. Thus, you seem very convenient and have a focus on your game.

Rear Closure

The top of the helmet has rear closure and the lace build to offers the adjust-ability. Also, it has the chin strap allows to stretch up your head in a simple way and arrange the hook quickly.


The padding around the forehead helps to increase visibility. However, the gap between the face grill and top filling is too large. Thus, it provides a full scope of vision.

  • Absorb-able Liner
  • Durable Leather Construction
  • Strong Grip
  • Excellent Padding
  • May be Little Bit Tight


6.Fighting Sports – No Contact Headgear

Fighting sports is ideal for professionals. However, the athlete those need to compete with no contact face guard. It is the best choice for them. Moreover, thoroughly molded nose protection covers by a several layers of foam to ensure the comfort ability. Also, the coat of dense padding protects the delicate part like the forehead, ears, and eyes. The layer of pure leather covers the back.

Therefore, the chin strap helps you to tight it. Also, the head and end band offer a way of fitting. The under liner enables to clear and clean the sweat.

Fighter 2020

Features & Design

Fighting headgear protect all around, including the back of the head. It builds with solid leather to resist against strikes. The inner side of the helmet constructs with low-density padding while the outer side built with high-density padding. This alliance of padding ensures that you seem less headache.


It is very lightweight associated with other boxing headgear. However, it suits very conveniently allows for excellent visibility. Also, it did great care to protect your face and nose.

  • Solid Leather
  • Ideal For Professional
  • Molded Nose bar
  • Excellent Padding
  • Available in One Size

7.Venum Elite – Iron Headgear

The Iron headgear is thoroughly handmade in Thailand. The elite particularly invented to make sure of a decent fit. Moreover, synthetic leather and excellent stitching used to build it. The strip around the face and nose provides excellent support.

However, the padding covers the head reduce possible brain injury. It is a super lightweight helmet. Moreover, a thick layer of padding covers the ears to secure them. Therefore, we extremely recommend this for those who have a competitive opponent.

best boxing headgear for nose protection

Features & Design

The Venum Elite Iron entirely handcrafted headgear by durable artificial leather includes the face grill. However, the unique characteristic is a Velcro strap with an alloy clamp. It also enables you to perfect fit by providing bands on the top and at the rear. Further, the chin band has no padding. It may be inconvenient but offers smart and quick adjustments.

High – Density Foam

Approximately 2 inches thick padding protects the forehead, ears, and rolled face grill protect the mouth and nose. However, it provides optimum blows digestion.


Visibility is essential for an athlete when they were wearing the helmet. However, the Venum gives more clarity. The thick padding and face bar does not bring obstacle in vision end.

     Here are the Best Venum Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag

  • Handmade
  • Metal Clamp
  • Durable Leather
  • Dense Foam
  • Available in One Size


8.Rival Guerrero Boxing Headgear – Lime Face saver

If you want to make the ideal stability of the essential quality, then Guerrero Headgear is an excellent choice. Further, it secures your face from the opponent’s sturdy strikes. The face bar does not affect your vision. Although it will do more comfortable to view everything all around and have more comfortable to breathe.

A wide variety of shades possible and the headgear is looking as polished. However, it invents in that style to enhance your achievement. The convenient insulation easy to wipe and adds jaw straps for adjust-ability. The rounded band at the top makes it to perfect fit.

Rival 2020

Features & Design

The headgear formed from the unique cowhide leather and highlights stuffing by durable plastic block. Although, the fixtures of Rival include the double under leashes that rely on the lock system like Velcro. However, the load of the headgear is the most prominent issue. You seem a lot of pressure when wearing it for an abundant season. Therefore, it has the same style as other nose protection headgear.


The rival face-saver gives very impressive visibility. Because of the extra-wide space between forehead padding and nose protection ensures excellent vision. However, the nose bar ensures the possibility of the natural breath.

  • Looking Good
  • Wide Vision
  • Easy to Wipe
  • Durable
  • Seems Little Bit Heavy


9.Ringside Fightgear – Master’s Competition Headgear

The Ringside Master’s Competition Headgear offers complete assurance facing the punches of your opponent. It is a fabulous item to protect you from the ruthless punches which are coming from the all-around. However, excellent deep padding covers the cheek and also protects the nose. If you get the punch at the nose, it seems a very little bit.

In case,  you are want to be fighting in masters, you should need to choose headgear are pretty short, however, this decision seems very reliable, it will get very little bit time to get it to fit adequately. As well as, thick and durable padding covers all around the head, you do not feel the headache after sparring.

Although, this one is best for those who are the very aggressive fighter. In case, you want to play the defensive game, it may provide inadequate visibility.

Ringside Fightgear Master Competion Headgear

Features & Design

The headgear has a chinstrap and also the Velcro behind the head. This functionality provides more reliability and comfortability. Also, the headgear fits well and does not slip during getting strikes. However, it offers excellent protection, but the chin has no padding.

As well as, the solid thick spume protects all the way, especially no need to worry about the nose; you seem more protection of your mouth and nose, while putting on your head. Therefore, the whole inside the headgear covered by leather. In case, you sweat and have a trim it maybe moves.

  • Dense Padding
  • Velcro Strips
  • Chinstrap With Buckle
  • Resposible Price
  • Maybe Provide Less Prepherial Vision



How to choose headgear for nose protection.

How to analyze the Boxing Headgear for nose protection?

Comfort & Fit

The most significant part while you buy a headgear is comfort ability.  However, you must seem assured that you are secure. You need to appear confident and also comfortable during the game. Moreover, several athletes are wearing headgear that rattles, bothers, and too inconvenient. However, we define to you how a headgear fits your head. Usually, headgear presses at the front, temples, and rear.

But the few are tricky that shifted all around. Although the inner material is another significant part. Smooth padding sometimes makes the headgear slippery but ensures the comfort ability. Further, the hard filling seems to irritating but more secure.


Clarity defined over the face protectors, and the padding covers the forehead. However, the density of padding is another factor that determines the transparency. A lot of headgear varieties provide nose protection. These are having a nose bar for protection that brings obstacles in the vision limit. We recommend you to get several dimensions of helmets that remain aside from your vision.


Padding is most valuable for security purposes. However, the protection relies on the thickness of the stuffing. The interior side stuffing describes the amount of protection.  Moreover, the nature of filling allows distinct security upon different powers of knocks. Further, the exterior covering is often for the stability of the head guard. The durable leather assures the lengthy usage.

Face Bar

Most of the nose protection headgear has a face bar that covers the front of the face. Although,  it is the most significant idea for the newcomers to yourself at all around. However, several brands present a different style of face bar like rounded or flight. It ensures that safety and also eases of breathing.


The quality of the headgear is too essential as like other factors. However, check how much time the padding holds the durability. Further, which type of adjust-ability it provides like is that chin strap than make sure it comfortable or not. The helmet is worthless if it does not allow the adjust-ability.

Size & Weight

Another considerable thing is that headgear size and weight that can affect your performance. However, the bulky headgear brings obstacles in your head movement. The lightweight helmet improves your movement. Therefore, the heavyweight headgear offers thick padding, and the other hands’ delicate headgear provide fasten movement.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Does boxing headgear protect your nose?

Yes, some particular headgears are made for this purpose. They ensure that to protect your nose in a better way. As well as, these headgear must have a thick nose bar which protect the nose very well. However, you should put a particular kind of headgear to protect their sensitive part. As you know, the typical model of headgear secures only chops, temples, and also ear. But the nose area remains open. Moreover, this thing is the main cause of nose injuries.

Q: Why do boxers break their nose?

Probably the purpose of this when your nose goes brake the bones improve most effectively. However, the boxer builds a thicker bone that is more difficult to crack in a similar place. As well as, the damaged nose and the undamaged nose has an equal number of nerves. However, the maximum possibilities it broke again in the next competition.Further, If talking about its pros, then there are no benefits.

Q: How do boxers protect their noses?

Our nose is a sensitive and open spot of the face. Therefore, during the competition fighter can easily hit and injured your nose. However, the boxer has the priority to use the specific gears which protect them. Thus, the fighter used a particular type of headgear that covers the full face. However, this type of helmet has a face bar in front of the mouth to protect the nose.


Finally, we recommend you specific best boxing headgear for nose protection that has sufficient quality, comfort ability, visibility, coverage, and also security. Also, these headgear have many positive reviews. However, these are available at an affordable price. The worth of the headgear is nothing compare to your security.

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