How to Clean Boxing Headgear?

If you have just splashed out on some expensive headgear, you will want to keep your headgear clean and hygienic. After sparring the headgear can become sweaty and bloody, so what is the best way to clean it?

To clean your boxing headgear, gently wipe the headgear with a damp cloth to excess remove sweat. Next use bacterial spray, before drying the headgear.

Steps to clean boxing headgear

  1. Lay the headgear down on a clean surface such as a table.
  2. Using a dry cloth wipe off any excess wear or blood that has accumulated don’t he headgear.
  3. Wipe the headgear with a damp cloth
  4. Spray the head gear with some anti-bacterial or antiseptic spray or cleaning solution.
  5. Give the headgear another wipe ensuring that it is fully clean.
  6. Give the headgear a wipe with a dry towel before leaving o dry in a well-ventialied location away from other training gear.

Keeping your boxing headgear clean will prolong its shelf life and help prevent your boxing bag from becoming smelly and unhygienic. If boxing headgear is left in a damp wet environment such as inside a gym bag with your damp boxing gloves, then this will cause a breeding ground for bacteria and cause the boxing gym bag to smell.

Instead, try to wipe the headgear down after a sparring session before letting it dry. It is also a good idea to place the headgear in a ventilated area, as this will help it dry quickly.

If you are ever unsure about how to wash your headgear, you should check the manufacturer’s tag on the inside of the headgear this will have the washing instructions on it.

Washing your headgear regularly will ensure that it lasts longer and stays smelling fresh.

The smell of bacteria is often unpleasant, and it can be difficult to get rid of. Bacteria thrive in moist environments, so one of the best ways to prevent bad smells is to keep things dry. This is why it’s important to wipe down your gear after each use and to let it air out in a well-ventilated area.

It’s also a good idea to clean your gear with an antibacterial solution on a regular basis or after each training session. This will help to kill any bacteria that might be lurking on the surface of your gear.

bxoing headgear left to dry after clenaing
Note: Leave your headgear to dry after cleaning in an open space.

Can I put my headgear into the washing machine?

It is not advised to put your headgear into a machine wash because this will damage the structure of the headgear as it will become too wet.

If you do decide to machine wash it then make sure to use a low head and spin for a short period of time. The less time your headgear is in the mashing machine the better. A leather headgaurd will be best for a machine wash as it is more water-resistant.

Does boxing headgear need hand washing?

Your boxing headgaurd or headgear will need to be hand washed as a machine wash will break the fibres and damage the headgear.

Should I store my headgear with my boxing gloves?

You will find that the gloves and boxing shoes can start to smell if they are stored next to the headgear. It is up to you whether you want to store them together or not – just make sure to clean your boxing gloves and give both items plenty of air and allow them to dry before they are placed into your gym bag.

Do I need to wash headgear after sparring?

You don’t necessarily need to wash your headgear, but giving it a towel dry or wipe will ensure it doesn’t cause any funky smells inside of your training bag and may even prolong its shelflife.

Which is the easiest type of headgear to clean?

The easiest type of headgear to clear is one made of leather such as Cleyto Reyes. These also tend to be the most long-lasting.

How to Deodorize Boxing headgear?

To deodorise boxing headgear first clean it with soap and water before leaving to dry in a well-ventilated area.

Where to store boxing headgear?

You should store your headgear or headgaurd somewhere with plenty of airflow such as a small mesh bag.

How long should a boxing head guard last?

Boxing headgear or head gaurds can last up to 10 years when they are taken care of correctly.

Can You Freeze Your Headgear?

Freezing boing headgear is not recommended. This will not kill bacteria but will damage the headgear material. As the ice melts the headgaurd will expand causing it to lose its stiffness and shape. On another note, germs hibernate, only to become active when they warm up again.


Wiping your headgear with a damp cloth and spraying it with an anti-bacterial or antiseptic spray will keep the gear clean. It is also important to store boxing gloves away from headgear so that they don’t start smelling bad due to being in contact with sweat, blood, etc. which may cause bacteria growth.

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