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Boxing is a warfare game in which different techniques used to defeat your opponent. However, different types of punches commonly used in the competition from different angles. These have unique styles and also have common factors.

However, punches are established from the powerful hit along with hand influential. As well as that, these are beneficial for boxing and also for self-protection.

Moreover, there are four common types of punches mostly practiced in the gym, like Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, etc. In case, you are a newbie in MMA, you need to follow the instructions given below.

It should be noted that, while you deliver the punch you need to hold your thumb wrap up solid and also establish a touch among the knuckles on the indicator and central fingers.

different types of punches

Four Common Types of Punches in Boxing

Strikes are very familiar with boxing. However, there are various styles of stroke utilize in boxing. At this time, you need to keep your position.

Here we are discussing the four most common and effective types of punches in boxing. Momentarily, try to get the appropriate way of boxing punches.


In all variety of punches, the Jab is the most important punch in boxing and one of the simplest type of punches in the boxing field.


In which, you have to move ahead, however, you need to remain your power hand close to your face. As well as, hit on the competitor front. Moreover, immediately react to the primary position by pushing foot behind. Now, you are standing in a similar position, you want to relate.


In addition to this, you need to determine that must be turning your hand, and also your body. Therefore, these turns arranged in a circle. It should be noted that the top of your knuckles hit on the competitor, neither the whole hand.



It is another style of punch commonly known as the straight punch. Also, it is a variety of knockout strokes. However, the cross punch is very effective, and you want to get incredible outcomes you need to use at the end of the fight. As well as, it has a very slight difference to the jab.

However, the Cross is complex and involved more power as compared to jab. In fact, Cross is recommended because it takes the absolute counterpunch to jabs. In short, you want the immediate outcomes then you need to make the perfect combination by the cross punch.

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Furthermore, arms are not moving while you pass the cross punch, it’s a direct stoke. Also, the main difference between a jab and the cross punch is that cross punch delivered by the backward hand. 

Moreover, using the power hand you need to hold your escort up. As well as, a big chance of you delivers a counterpunch. The advantage of using the backward hand is that the pressure moves to a backward leg this thing makes your backward hand to power hand.


Therefore, the method of moving and pressure shifting is very complicated, but you want efficient outcomes than it’s very simple for you to become a master in this technique.


It should be noted that the hook style is another significant and vulnerable. In addition to this, you should need to keep in mind punch proposes connecting by a hand. But nowhere, the touch of the angle holds the shock. 


However, when you are staying in your protective position than you need to assume your hand strategy. At this time, tie your joint in the diagonal position. Along with, to deliver more force you need to keep revolving your body.


For the most part, all the processes complete by your power hand, but your backward hand stays in the protective position. Moreover, you want immediate results than the condition that the joint should be on high not essential, you must have the appropriate link.


Apart from this, now we are discussing the unique style of punch is an uppercut. In this case, you use the backward hand. This type of punches given very quick and immediate outcomes mostly all over.

In addition to this, everyone wants to defeat their opponent, you can do this too, you should need to learn properly how to uppercut.

At this time, you should have moved your body to the right side and you have to turn your joints. Such as now you will able to hit your opponent below the chin. As well as, at this time move up your joints although switching your body as clockwise.

All basic types of punches

All Basic Types of Punches

Right Straight Punch

This style is also popular as the right cross. However, this is often utilized by the tall boxers. Moreover, it’s beneficial to avoid assure combat and also hold the more diminutive contesters towards the way.

As well as that, this technique provides more support while you have a more height similar to your opponents. Also, you can get instant results when you use this technique properly. On the other hand, it will prove extremely helpful while you’re facing a boxer that analyzing to hold you.

Now it times to learn how we do this?

First and foremost, you have to get ahead to the competitor and also place your body a little convenient. However, you have to pinch your chin to your bosom. In addition to this, you need to determine that your jaw must be convenient to the chest.

As well as, you need to hold your rear hand on the chin and protect your leading hand. Now, you able to deliver the punch exactly at the competitor. In that case, you need to move your body, and also the joint must hold by the behind foot to deliver a deadly stroke.

Therefore, different types of punches have a complicated technique for counteracting. A one can face big trouble when they little slide the up or down.

However, the boxers who utilize this style of punches are Muhammad Ali, Jermaine Taylor, Carlos Monzon, Tomasz Adamek, and also many others.

Left Hook

On the whole, this stroke is the bomb for the professional fighter. Most of the fighters consider it is a very powerful punch compare to other variety of punches. However, it will be a deadly stoke if you make appropriate combining, your opponent will be knockout.

As well as, one more significant logic for his popularity is that, an extremely counterpunch toward right straight, right hook, and also right uppercut.

For the most part, it is most significant for you to boost your grip and joint as well simultaneously. It should be noted that you need to hold your arm thoroughly equal to the spot, and no need to turn your fist. However, while you turn your hand, then maybe you full hanging.

Above all, you have to make it, now the time to deliver a punch including moving your shoulder and body. You need to rotate your back foot to deliver a deadly stroke. As well as that, you need to get back your hand while you seem you hit the competitor.

Right Hook

As a rule, the right hook utilized by the right hand. However, it looks similar to the left hook, but there is a very slight difference between them. In addition to this, both the left and the right hook manage to end. If you implement this with a strong connection, then your opponent will be knockout.

Furthermore, most of the professional deliver this type of punch after using other styles or varieties. In the same way, while you’re a newbie in boxing, and also you need to take your torso and way, sooner you drive them toward incidental combo.

To deliver the turnaround is very difficult by your right hand. However, a technique in which your body is fix up also force yourself to outside. In that case, you need to maintain your footwork as soon as. It does not depend on your practice that you’re doing right or wrong.

In most cases, as compare to other strokes the right hooks arise your back foot side more leisurely. For this reason, this thing executes it more accurately during close-range shooting.

left uppercut

Left Uppercut

The left uppercut plays its role while you have an opponent who is trying to protect their face entirely. However, you can pursue this stroke after the right hook, because the left uppercut raises the entire front.

In addition to this, the left uppercut wonders the competitor due to its great combos. Moreover, the delivery style is un-expectable; the opponent does not have any idea that he gets a punch from the downside.

Apart from this, it commonly threw at the very close end and also hit the straight to the chin. After getting the punch your opponent will be knockout.

As a rule, you have wanted to deliver a perfect uppercut then your shoulder must be free. As well as, at the time to deliver a punch get down your left hand, but hold your right hand on your face.

Above all, you have done, now the time comes to deliver the punch. However, you need to directly hit the target, no need to turn your hand. As well as, you should do this while delivering the punch, turning your knees marginally, twisting your joint and body; also transfer the pressure from the left leg to your toes.

Right Uppercut

All the same with a left uppercut, as the shifting style, you have to hold your left hand on the front, moving your back foot including your shoulder as well from the same side.

However, you have an expert opponent that skillfully analyzes your punch combination in an excellent way. At this time, you need to know, how they protect their face. Now, you able to recognize which method apply to knock-out them.

In addition to this, you should arrange your maximum workout, to avoid vibration while you have a target of your opponent’s bones.

right uppercut

Back Foot Punch

The Back foot punch is very well to utilize at the time while your partner is an effort to hold you. Furthermore, they are wants to charge at this time you need to protect yourself. It can be used for both purpose protection and also attack at the same time.

In that case, how to use the back foot punch?

First and foremost, you have to get back your rear foot. After this, you need to change your front position, and also a little bit gets down as well. When you all have done, now throw a punch.

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Different types of punches use in kickboxing

Here we discussed the three types of punches used in kickboxing but not authorized for boxing. These are the superman punch, front superman punch, long superman punch.

Superman Punch

Superman punch very commonly utilizes in kickboxing and MMA. However, it is more beneficial while your opponent too small then you. Also, at the time when you deliver a punch, you look like a superman.

For the most part, you need to take-up yourself into the air by jumping off with your power leg. Therefore, you should hold your rear hand on your jaw, now deliver a direct punch using your right hand, and also come down on the spot spreading your legs.

Long Superman Punch

This variety of punch is the most powerful and also risky. This variety of punch is the most powerful and also risky. However, the technique to use this punch is while your competitor is standing far away, and you consider he is vulnerable and not be able to try a counter punch.

Moreover, you have to take a couple of steps to establish a force and then using your rear leg to try for jump-off. As well as that, try to turn your leading leg, also move your shoulder and expand to your leading hand.

Now, punch your opponent and get back your hand very quickly to protect yourself. Also, it is most significant for you that, your rear hand hold on your chin.

Front Superman Punch

There is a very inadequate distinction between long superman punch and front superman punch. Also, the variation is mostly similar.

In that case, you do not need to take some steps to establish a force. Because your contester will not go away. However, the gap in you and your opponent more than half feet, also you’re protecting yourself.

Moreover, you have to jump off, and your leading leg must be in the air. Also, most significant for you to hold your right hands on the front. As well as, you deliver a direct punch that hits your target and comes down with expand your legs.

It should be noted, that you do not lose your arms, and have control on your body does not need to put more ahead.

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The spinning back punches thrashing the body throughout. However, it gains power from the quick-moving. You have to keep your arm separate. Moreover, this stroke proves dangerous. In case, you do not do this properly, you will get stuck.

It should be noted, that most significant to use the external side of your fist while you’re punching your opposite boxer.

The most important how to take the spinning back fist? First, you have to get some steps by using your rear foot. However, your leading foot must be in the air. The most significant to spreading your leading arm and most compulsory moving your front foot.

Now, punch your opponent by using your arm. When you have all done, at this moment you need to come back to the initial position. As soon as, you have to get protection for yourself, on the other hand, there are many chances of your opponent can punish you by counterpunch?

Different types of punches in boxing

What is the most powerful type of punch?

It is a popular way of boxing for most of the towering fighter; they consider the straight right punch as the most powerful punch. However, each boxer has a different and unique style, so it is a major issue to create judgment rules.

As well as maximum trainers trying to create some physical angles to get the best punch, but they are failing while doing practice. It should be note that there is no significant rule fighter’s best punch must be considered as the hardest punch.

However, there is a lot of possibilities a punch that connects in the right way and has maximum effects considered as the hardest or powerful punch.


We have tried our best to explore the different types of punches. To provide you the most helpful information as possible. Therefore, we hope you find it very helpful for yourself.

Actually, you are on any stage in boxing, whether you are learning, or you have a lot of experience it does not matter. But, any athlete or boxer needs to know the difference between the types of punches.

Also, the most significant to learn how and when to use the specific punch. For this reason, we tried to differentiate each type of punch thoroughly and reasonably. We hope you get the most out of it.

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