How to get into MMA 2022 | MMA Components | Gears & Rules

As you know boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, and also including each type of combat has more popularity in this era. However, mixed martial arts have different styles and variations of other combat games. Therefore, everyone wants to know how to get into MMA.

In addition to this, one can want to become a professional fighter have a lot of patience as well as the need for comprehensive practice. They should have extraordinary skills and need to keep their fitness level.

For the most part, before learning how to get into the MMA fight, extremely need to know about it MMA symbolizes the Mixed Martial Arts, you know as well. However, it begins at the same time when UFC came into existence.

As a rule, MMA is a thrilling game. It contains two skilled and dashing contesters. As well as that, MMA includes the many other martial rules. For this reason, a collection of methods is using in an MMA fight.

However, in defensive techniques blocking a punch is very commonly used. Therefore, the popularity of MMA is to keep growing due to these MMA combinations.

In this time, we should learn from the following methods how to get into MMA.

  • MMA Core Components
  • Gears Need to Start MMA
  • Find a MMA Gym
  • MMA Rules

How to get into mma

MMA Core Components


Indeed, the striking is the most significant component of Mixed Martial Arts, and also combines several unique factors from many other regulations. However, stunning is the type of attack delivered by your contester that is your frame piece.

Moreover, the striking combinations which are very ruthless and vulnerable allowed in MMA include Knocks, Knee, elbow strikes, kidney punch.

As well as, you have the extreme knowledge about all the combinations that how and when to use it. Obviously, you hold a grip on defending skill. Similarly, your opponent will be very ruthless. He will not stop.


Basically, the most important role of grappling is seeking to put down the opponent. However, the incredible advantage of grappling is that uses less power and extra tricks. In case, two boxers have to clench one another, one can get an excellent place if he takes a grappling and tries to put down the opponent.

It should be noted that, while attempting the grappling power will not support, you need to use more tricks to attain the accurate grapple. As well as, it is very beneficial in both situations an attacking and also protection.

Thus, if you want to be an expert you need to do more practice and focus on how the proper position to take a grapple and how to secure itself.


As a rule, submissions utilizing to bond the body joint. However, from this, you learn how to get free yourself. Basically, submissions have different methods or tricks trying to implement to surrender the opponent.

Whereas, when you freeze the opponent’s body joints than they bear a lot of pain if they can’t stand it then accepts defeat. However, it looks like a cruel act but this is an art and technique which allows you to implement in the game.

In most cases, several MMA gyms want to make experts their trainees and keep their attention on how to avoid and apply the submission.

Gears Need to Start MMA

As know MMA is a thrilling game and has severe chances of damages. For this reason, to protect yourself and get into the ring with courage you need to choose proper gear.

However, most gyms provide the gear, but these are old and being reuse. You should avoid such items.

Here are the most essential gears needs to start the MMA

Mouth Guard

It does not matter you’re professional or a newbie in MMA you need to have a sufficient mouth guard while participating in combat.

However, this is not difficult to understand that what’s playing the role of the mouth guard. In simple words, it protects your teeth, secures your mouth from straight strikes, and accommodates you to continue your game.

As well as, the mouth guards available in two different styles one is custom mouth guards and the other one known as boil & bite mouth guards. In addition to this, the custom mouth guard needs a dentist for adjustment. It provides an edge compare to boil & bite, you can mold it in your mouth. Also, it available in the appropriate size according to your teeth.

However, the boil & bite guard needs to boil before to use. The benefit of boiling is that the material of the mouth guard turns into flexible. In most cases, it complex to fix properly according to your teeth.

If we compare both of them in terms of price than boil & bite mouth guard is much cheaper.

Rash Guard

Many trainees are using common t-shirts during training. However, the rash guard is considered the appropriate gear for MMA training & fight. The purpose of the rash guard to protect your body from germs especially from ringworm.

Whereas, it works as a fence and separating the two different bodies. As well as, it consists of anti-microbial stuff to protect against germs that easily spread from one body to another.

In addition to this, the material in the covers is common in all types of martial arts gears. But the main purpose of this to minimize the injuries.

Therefore, the professional fighter considers the rash guard as appropriate gear. Also, they suggest it because it has all the properties which make it durable.


As we said, MMA is a combat sport that’s why it has a unique gear. In the same way, shorts are different for MMA as compare to other games. However, these shorts have more durability and flexibility rather than other usual shorts.

In most cases, there are many possibilities of the common shorts explode very quickly. However, you have to make a good judgment while choosing a couple of MMA shorts. These are available in different brands, sizes, and also unique designs.

Here are we recommend the unique styles of MMA shorts

Vale Tudor/ Compression Shorts

The Vale Tudor shorts have excellent flexibility and durable stitching. However, spandex used as the material which is long-lasting and enduring. Similarly, the Vale Tudor is popular as compression shorts.

Moreover, the most unique and beneficial thing is it has a separate slot for the cup that secures your privates. Whereas, most fighter appreciates this thing because it enables fighter activity easier, and they feel more protection and comfort.

Board Style Shorts

The Board style is more attractive and fulfills all requirements which an MMA fighter needs in a short. However, there is no difference in the material like other shorts.

Moreover, the thing which exposes the uniqueness among MMA shorts and regular shorts is flexibility and durability. As well as, enables the more secure of a fighter private and provides more comfort during activities.


The cup is the most significant gear, especially for man fighters. It plays an essential role in protection because it secures the most sensitive place of the fighter.  As know, there are very dangerous consequences of groin burns.

For the most part, the MMA game has not the variation so anything can happen at any time. However, it does not affect your activities you can easily play the game and hit your opponent by knee, leg and can take jump more comfortably.

Shin Guard

As the MMA is a unique and versatile game, similarly, their gears are definitely unique.  However, if we talk about the shin guard they protect as well as the wearer also to the partner.

In case, you get into the ring without the shin guard. So many chances to get into a problem.

It seems more flexible and comfortable and has much difference to other shin guards that usually used in different sports.

However, among other gears, if they also used, then you can feel more protection.

In most cases, if we compare it’s a price to other gears, so it proves to be expensive. But it more essential for your protection if you want to train.


At this time, we discuss the last but not least gear that is the gloves.  As the other gears are essential and have uniqueness, similarly, gloves also the most essential part of the MMA fight.

However, a lot of varieties of different gloves available in the market. You can choose the best one of them according to your budget.

As you know, human hands have maximum joints, and these are more sensitive, so the gloves secure them from any damages.

 Here are the  Best Gloves for Mixed Martial Arts

gears needs to before start mma

MMA Rules

At this time, the Mixed Martial Arts rules established by the various state councils and the USA together. These rules are universal, not specific for any region. At this time, the MMA rule established by the various state councils and the USA together. These rules are universal, not specific for any region.

Moreover, the aim of the game is that using different tricks to destroy your opponent likes striking, grappling, submissions. For the judgment that which player fights well, three judges take chairs out of the ring.

Here are the some important rules for MMA

  • Competition must be consists of three rounds, and each round will be more than five minutes.
  • The size of the ring or cage must be 20 square feet to 32 square feet, and the fight must be in the ring or cage.
  • To make equivalence, the competitors must belong to the same weight category.
  • During the fight, illegal strikes are very strictly forbidden. However, the fighter can use only legal techniques like grappling, strikes, and submissions.

Illegal strikes in MMA:

  • Hit to the groin
  • Eye claw
  • Biting
  • Grasping or striking the throat
  • Managing the fingers
  • Hair stretching
  • Head collide
  • Hit the back of the head
  • Push your opponent out of the cage
  • Attacking clefts
  • The competitor must admit the referee instructions

How can win a fight or the ways you can use to win the game?

Knockout: Usually, Knockout famous as KO, in which the contesters trying to fail their opponent’s cognizance.Therefore, the referee considers a fighter helpless to resume the game. However, He decides to finish the fight.

Submission: However, the Submission is a trick or method including chokes or joint locks to enforce your opponent to give up.

How to make a submission?
First, a fighter takes a grip on their opponent completely locks her joint, or chokes. However, the second fighter trying to break or give up the submission. If they are not successful and lose sentience then the umpire ends the game.

Determination:Therefore, a situation in which no one breaks the rules or not give up the game during submission at this moment all judges make a decision. They explore the score round by round and decide the winner.

TKO:As you Know,TKO stands for technical Knockout, in which a fighter give up the game due to technical reason. For example, the fighter doctor or training staff decide they can not play, or inadequate to defend itself.

Sacrifice: It means a fighter itself leaves the match due to critical damage, and they could not stand into the ring.

No competition: In which the contesters constantly violate the laws or instructions then the referee has a right to disqualify the game. However, this condition occurs infrequently.

How to get into MMA info-graphics

Frequently Asked Question

How to find MMA gym?

There is a very common question of a newbie. Because they are curious regarding joining any gym. Now, Mixed Martial Arts are growing very speedily and everyone wants to join the proper MMA academy.

For this reason, many kids have a passion for MMA, and also the parents raise the spirit of Mixed Martial Arts. They also support their kids in how to get into MMA.

It should be noted that, each gym is not for anyone. However, there are many reasons for comes into MMA, also a gym. The environment of the gym has a strong impact on training.

However, there are different ways to find an MMA gym.

You need to go for Google search. In this way, you find many gyms and these are inside your area. As well as, you can use social media that is an easier way to find anything. We assure you can find a gym which can be in your area to follow these methods.

How Much Does MMA training Cost?

In most cases, the expense of MMA training consists of a different factor. First, the area in which you live or the gym exists. Second, how many plans you get or how many times you want to train.

However, gym membership charges could be only $70 to $220 per month. Also, if you want to get other facilities, then many chances they might be charged separately.

What is the Best age to start MMA training?

There is no hard and fast rule, but you must be an adult boy or girl. Furthermore, it does not depend on age limits. It is only for those who have a passion for fitness and have the aim to become a champion in fighting games.

However, the proper age is 18 to 40 years, because you can mold your body in any shape very easier. As well as, 15 to 17 age is a more reliable and accurate time. Because during this time your body grows faster, so you can adjust your body accordingly.

Can I start MMA training with no experience?

Are you having still confused about the experience, so don’t be worry, you can start the Mixed Martial Arts training. Because most of the techniques you learn in the training classes.

There are some successful stories that the fighters have no experience and won the fights a prominent example of this Travis Browne huge that overcomes 18 success to 7 failures.

However, history has lots of successful stories like this. You have to be realistic with yourself. You can face them who have much more experience than you.


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