How to Choose a Heavy Punching Bag – Finding the Perfect Punching Bag

Everyone is speculating how to choose a heavy punching bag. As well as, people require an excellent punching bag, but don’t know which one is most suitable.

These punching bags give you different perspectives to improve your boxing technique such as power, speed, accuracy, jab, and uppercuts.

Moreover, all type of heavy punching bag is manufactured for a significant appearance, such as they are supportive to enhance the body movement. Whether you are a fighter or you need to get fit, a punching bag gives a way to release your potential.

As well as, you can take powerful exercise, the reason is boxing utilizes every major tissue of the human body. On the whole, there is an excellent body exercise for developing tissues and decreasing fat and also improve the response time and consistency.

Here in this article, we try to explain everything that you should learn about how to choose a punching bag that is best for you.

How to hang a punch bag or heavy bag for boxing

How to Choose a Heavy Punching Bag


What are Your Aims & What is Your Training Style?

The most significant thing, before choosing the punching bag, you need to decide your goals. That what specifically you are seeking. However, it’s an excellent way to selecting a perfect punching bag.

Thus, what’s your aim to achieve? You desire to improve your power or accuracy and speed. Therefore, if you want to increase your speed and accuracy then a smaller punching bag is best for you.

You need to keep in mind that, if you want to maximize your power and strength, you need to go for a heavy punching bag.

As well as, it’s not easy and simple to choose a perfect punching bag. You need to have extreme research and awareness of all aspects.

Thus, the most important thing is you need to decide which style is more reliable for your training. Also, you have an understanding of the bag’s features.

What’s Your Plan to Placing It?

This is more significant for you, before purchasing a heavy bag, the first thing you need to have a plan where to place it. Here is the solution to the problem, if you have a certain place that is a garage, you can place it.

As well as, you can place it in the hall, but you need to hang it where air can pass. You will sweat when you train and the stench will spread throughout the room. This way the room will stay fresh with the passage of air.

If you feel better training outside, then you can go for it. However, you need to have a proper stand to hang a heavy bag, but be careful while you fix the stand.

How to Choose a Perfect Punching Bag

As we know, there are lots of heavy bags are available in the market with different brands. No doubt, all of these brands provide different features in their product.

 You need to go for a label that has great expertise in construction. However, the important factors that should be considered before choosing a punching bag are below.

Build & Material

As we know, the formation and stuff have a great influence on the heavy punching bag. As well as, it describes what a living lasts and how much powerful punches can absorb.

Most of the professional consider a leather, synthetic leather, and high standard vinyl are the best material for a punching bag.

However, the inside material also has a great impact on punching bag performance. Most likely you have seen that at the bottom of the punching bag consist of a sink and the top of the bag has nothing. This thing causes your hand injuries.

Although you need a high-standard punching bag, then you should go with fiber stuff, which is significantly developed to enhance the compatibility.

Exactly, there are different brands of punching bags and some of them have foam inside, which excellently digest the punches. Also, some of them have water filler techniques in a plastic case.

Generally, these are intended to provide the impression of punching and the experienced person mostly goes with them.

Size & Weight

 The size and weight of the punching bag has influence the fighter’s performance. Thus, you need to choose the perfect one according to your training style. However, the punching bags are normally available in different sizes. You can choose either a small or large heavy bag.

The expert recommended, the weight of a heavy punching bag should be half of your body weight. However, it’s on you, if you are a heavy striker and wants to improve your steadiness, and then you can go for a heavy bag.

As well as, your aim to enhance your power and stamina, then we suggest you go with a full-width heavy bag. Generally, the heavier bag makes it simple to design and manage a fabulous swing in your practices. We recommended, do not go with a heavy bag if you are not a heavyweight trainer.

Types of Heavy Bag

Therefore, you have seen various types of the punching bags that we present you to buy. Here you can see their features.

As we know, heavy bags use to enhance power and stamina and these are developed in two styles Standing bags and Hanging bags.

For your protection, heavy bag manufacturers are packed with sand or water inside them, which gives you comfort.

However, we suggested you, and the most experienced trainers recommended sandbags as well. Because they observe that, sandbags allow the hard knocks and that is perfect for the trainee.

Different Punching Bags info


Standing Punching Bag

If you are trying to train yourself for multiple categories such as Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, then this is a great selection for all types of training.

However, it has the heaviness at the right place, wherever the bag has support, which enables you to hit in comfort way.

The most significant thing is standing bag keeps rotating all the time, while you hit on it, which seems very beneficial for a trainer. As well as, it is portable, which makes it extremely comfortable.

Hanging Punching Bag

As the name suggests, these bags can be attached to the ceiling or a wall. However, if you want to use them in all directions, then it’s better to hang them on the ceiling. As well as, if you want to use only one surface of the bag, then you need to hang them on a wall.

Most of the experts considered them very efficient heavy bags, because of their gravity, compatible shape, rotating movement, and enhance speed and power.

Traditional Heavy Bag

Most of the trainers usually utilize the traditional heavy bag, because they have a solid circular shape and compatible width. As well as, improve their striking power and speed.

The rotating movement of these heavy bags enables the trainer to use footwork as much as possible and striking all around.

The traditional bags help the trainer to put on their one arm and can do the job. Moreover, these bags have a ring that helps to stabilize them, to the earth.

Angle Heavy Bag

There is a slight difference between a Traditional heavy bag and Angle heavy bag. However, the angle heavy has a bigger width upper half of its body and the remaining lower half has a curve shape.

As well as, some angle heavy bag’s middle part is very thick and spread in top and bottom. However, they allow the trainer to improve their uppercuts technique and other striking.

Uppercut Bag

You should know that the Uppercut bags are fit in the traditional heavy bag group. It seems like a shorter form of heavy bags.

As well as, the uppercut heavy bag is fixed horizontally, rather than vertically. Most of the practitioners use them to grow their jab and straight punches technique.

Speed Bag

Speed bags are manufactured for fast striking and accuracy. These bags are loaded with air and spring forces the bag to return very quickly. As well as, they improve your hand-eye contact and fix at the same place.

Double End Bag

The double end bag works as an opponent because when you hit them, they return and fight back. However, the newbie trainers think it for pro fighters, but the truth is that these bags are part of boxing gear to easing your boxing techniques. These are the best gears that a fighter wants to turn on when trying to set their skills.

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Final Verdict

No doubt, there are various types of heavy punching bags, and there can be complex to decide how to choose a heavy punching bag.

In our opinion, this is enough for you to get an idea of how to choose a heavy punching bag. We recommended that you need to keep in mind these things before choosing a punching bag, which are mentioned above.

Whatever you are, you can look at our website and you should examine a punching bag that satisfies you completely.

Here we have given you all of the important factors that you need, after examining all the factors, now you can purchase a heavy punching bag.

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